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Founders Rebranding - Press Release



Vancouver, BC – On June 01, 2018 Tricor Pacific Founders Capital Inc. dba ‘Tricor Founders’ changed its name to Founders Group of Food Companies Inc. dba ‘Founders’.

The renaming of the company reflects its transition from origins as a financial investor to its emergence as a group of decentralized but integrated food companies that share governance and stewardship practices, business information systems, as well as tools and processes to develop and strengthen each organization over the long term.

By doing business under the ‘Founders’ brand, the company is both maintaining continuity with its past and reflecting its current and future focus on investing in and building long-established, cash-flowing food businesses with inspirational founder stories. As the people working in and on these businesses today, we are excited by these stories, inspired by the genius of these founders, and attracted by the durability of the companies they created, which have stood the test of time.

For a short video introduction to Founders Group of Food Companies, see the video below.



“The renaming and rebranding of our company is part of our evolution into a family-owned company that invests its own capital and applies operating know-how to build a group of thriving food businesses and exceptional partnerships we can all be proud of. Since our founding in late 2014, we have acquired 10 related food businesses, creating a group of companies that we plan to build and own indefinitely,” stated Derek Senft, Partner of Founders Group of Food Companies.

“This change reflects our strategy of building a decentralized but integrated family of food companies. We’re excited by what’s been accomplished since late 2014, and we have ambitious goals for continued organic and M&A-driven growth in our existing food businesses as well as investments in new food sub-sectors in the coming few years,” stated Richard Harris, Partner of Founders Group of Food Companies.


More Information on Founders

Founders is a Vancouver-based, family-owned company that was founded in 2014. The Founders team combines deep operating knowledge with over 30 years’ experience making control investments in over 80 private companies, and is focused on acquiring food businesses with $15 to $75 million in Enterprise Value, across the Mid-West and Western USA and Canada.  The existing portfolio includes a focus on specialty protein (through Purewater Foods), prepared foods (through Freshstone Kitchen), and gifted confections (through Ganache Gourmet). For further information, please contact Richard Harris (richard.harris@foundersfoodgroup.com; 604-646-4372) or Derek Senft (derek.senft@foundersfoodgroup.com;
604-726-5051), or visit www.foundersfoodgroup.com.







The characteristics of swallows reflect the spirit of Founders, its companies, and what we admire in those companies’ inspirational founder stories.


In Native American folk tales, swallows stand for industriousness and humility. In Europe and the Middle East, they stand for renewal, safe return, good luck and happiness. For mariners, the swallow represents resilience and experience, as it migrates further than any other bird and features on all continents but Antarctica.