Founders' Operating Advisory Group was formed in the summer of 2015 to formalize our firm's relationship with individuals that provide certain advisory services to our full-time team. These services take the form of pre-closing or post-closing assessments of current practices in specific functional areas, as well as other intermittent coaching, mentoring or other services. Members of the Operating Advisory Group meet annually at the Founders Summit, where senior managers from each of Founders’ companies come together to build group-wide knowledge and relationships, as well as visiting with specific companies ad hoc.​

As a member of the Operating Advisory Group at Founders, Steve involved in overseeing and governing organizational capability development at each of the portfolio companies, with a special focus on leadership and strategy development. He also provides support to Founders companies with respect to strategic planning and annual operating planning.

Steve Attridge is currently the Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of IT at Andrew Peller Limited, one of Canada’s leading producers and marketers of quality wines and craft spirits. Prior to this he was the CFO at Mastronardi Produce Ltd.  Steve has over 25 years of experience in progressively Senior Roles with companies including Maple Leaf Foods and Canada Bread.   Steve is a well-rounded business leader with a proven track record of growing and managing successful companies in both hospitality and consumer products.

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