Harvestor, Processor, Distributor of Freshwater Fish on the Great Lakes

Locations: Wheatley, ON; Kingsville, ON 

Presteve Foods is a leading, vertically integrated harvester, processor and distributor of wild-caught, freshwater fish and other specialty seafood on the Great Lakes. The Company is headquartered in Wheatley, Ontario, with operations in Kingsville through its La Nassa Foods division, which Presteve Foods acquired in February of 2017.

Presteve Foods supplies fresh and frozen fish, including walleye (pickerel), yellow perch, whitefish, smelt and other lake fish – round, dressed, filleted or breaded / battered – to wholesalers, distributors and retail customers in the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Owned and managed by Ulysses Pratas since 1979, the Company became part of Purewater Foods in May of 2015.

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Company Leadership:

Dan Walda - Chief Financial Officer, Presteve Foods

Abe Schmitt - Executive Vice President & GM Operations, Presteve Foods


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