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Deal Process


We make the sales process straightforward and provide strict confidentiality throughout. Our goal is to make the whole process move smoothly, at your pace, with a minimum amount of stress. Ganache Gourmet can move as quickly as you would like to, however, the process typically takes approximately three months. We understand that selling your company can be a tough decision and would strive to take the pressure and complexity out of the equation.

The following is a high-level outline of our process:

Preliminary Phase (1-2 months)

Introductory Call

Discuss your business, your reason for selling and what you’d like to do after the deal closes.

Sign Confidentiality Agreement

Preliminary Analysis & Due Diligence

We will provide you with a short preliminary information request list. Once you return the information, we will prepare a valuation and offer. Subsequent to that, we will begin our preliminary due diligence with the intention of providing you with a more detailed offer, in the form of a letter of intent.


Letter of Intent (LOI)

Both parties sign a non-binding offer that lays out the key terms of the agreement, including the fundamental details and the selling price.


Due Diligence and Documentation Phase (1-2 months)


Due Diligence Completion

We will request any additional data and documents required from you to complete the transaction. Typical areas of due diligence will include accounting, legal, environmental and business/operational. Telephone conversations and meetings take place between both parties’ management and advisors.

Transaction Documentation

Both parties finalize the transaction negotiations and documentation.

Close the Deal

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